Do We Need TO Drink 8 Glasses Of Water A Day?

We’ve heard it for years:  “you need to drink at least eight glasses of water a day”. But is this actually true – do we need this much water every day? You only need to walk down the street and see the number of people carrying water bottles to know that water (particularly bottled water […]

Arthroscopic meniscus surgery is it finished?

The knee arthroscope is one of the most commonly performed surgical procedures in Australia, with over 100,000 surgeries performed every year (and reportedly around 700,000 cases a year in the US). Some very interesting research (and quite troubling for the surgeons) is failing to show the benefits of the arthroscopic intervention for meniscal tears, and […]

Strength training in children is it necessary

Can you remember from your younger years being told not to do weights because you might become “muscle bound” or weights will “stunt your growth”? It was never quite explained what the term muscle bound meant, but it was certainly scary enough to ensure that weights weren’t a big part of most adolescents fitness programs! […]