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Your journey to better health begins here, together

A new era of wellness with move for life

Welcome Home: Your Partners in Wellness, Committed to Getting You Better

Move for Life is the exciting new rebrand for SSPC Parkdale.

SSPC was founded in 1998 and SSPC Parkdale began in 2008 on the belief that every person deserves genuine care and empathetic, expert advice.

Members of the original SSPC Parkdale ownership and team remain the key personnel behind Move for Life Physio and Health Hub. We have been providing high level care to the community and have reliably demonstrated a holistic approach to treatment with the most up to date evidence-based practice.

Having been intimately involved with the local community treating presentations from childhood developmental delay, pre-elite and elite sport through to active aging and care, we understand the individual needs of the everyday individual and aspiring athletes alike. Our vision is to be able to provide comprehensive physiotherapy services to every need at any age or ability.

Our team work collaboratively, sharing knowledge and experience to provide you with a treatment plan that not only makes you feel better but actually gets you better too.

At Move For Life, we’re more than healthcare;
we’re your partners in getting back to the activities you love most.