massage + myotherapy

relieve muscle pain and stiffness to feel more relaxed and flexible

At Move For Life we offer both Remedial Massage and Myotherapy Services

Myotherapy is a specialised form of massage for treating pain and muscle issues.

While you may be familiar with the massage as the gentle manipulation of soft tissues of the body to promote blood flow and relaxation of your muscles, you may not realise that Myotherapy is a further specialised form of massage focusing on myofascial pain and dysfunction.

Our specially trained Myotherapists have completed a Bachelor of Science degree and are trained extensively in assessment and treatment to prevent, correct and rehabilitate you through each stage of you musculoskeletal care. 

Remedial Massage and Myotherapy can assist with relief of acute and chronic pain, reduce muscle tightness affecting muscle flexibility and movement, reduce the pain and discomfort associated with physical exercise and improve lymphatic drainage and veinous return. 

Massage is available in 30, 45 or 60 minutes and there may be rebates available on your Private Health Insurance rebates. If you are unsure how long to book for, just call our friendly receptionist who will be able to assist with bookings or arranging a gift voucher for a loved one.