Expert Dietary + Lifestyle Guidance for Your Wellbeing Journey

Expert Dietary Guidance for Your Wellbeing Journey

Our dieticians provide practical dietary and lifestyle advice. They are not only experts in the realm of nutrition but also possess a deep understanding of how what we consume impacts the body.

Accredited Practising Dieticians (APDs) are university qualified professionals who have the qualifications and skills to provide practical dietary and lifestyle advice.

Dieticians are able to treat and advise around a range of health conditions. They understand how what we consume affects the body and are able to provide expert nutritional and dietary advice.

Accepting Medicare (EPC) referrals or self referral from the individual, they are able to support you through your health and wellbeing journey. Private Health Rebates may be available through your Private Health Insurer.

Dietitians can assist individuals achieve better health and give advice regarding the management of many medical conditions including:

Dietitians can also provide professional, practical and personal advice for:

non-diet approach to weight loss

embrace a healthier weight, without strict dieting

If you, like many others, have tried several diets in an effort to lose weight you may wish to learn more about a non-diet approach to weight management.

We discuss how to achieve and maintain a healthier weight without following a strict diet and while still enjoying food.