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our location

Move For Life is located in a small strip of shops near Southern Road, where there is ample street parking. Additional parking is available on several side streets, a short walk from the clinic.

formerly sspc parkdale

Keeping you active since 2008

Move for Life is the exciting new rebrand of SSPC Parkdale. Members of the current and original SSPC team remain as key personnel and continue to provide high level care to the local community.

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No referral is required to see us. We provide convenient 24 hour booking via this link. Alternatively, you can call our helpful receptionist by calling 9584 2000 during business hours or send an online enquiry after hours. 

comprehensive physiotherapy services

Pain Relief and Mobility for Everyday Life

Whether you’re seeking relief from everyday aches and pains, recovering from an injury, or striving for peak athletic performance, our expert team is here to support you.

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massage & myotherapy

Your Path to Muscle Relief and Relaxation

Relieve muscular pain and tension through targeted manual techniques, exercises, and education, so you have reduced pain, improved flexibility, and enhanced overall muscular function.

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clinical pilates

Reignite Your Body's Natural Strength and Flexibility

Guided by our experienced physiotherapists, these small group sessions focus on restoring your mobility, enhancing stability, and building core strength so you can move better and feel fantastic.

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group strength classes + gla:d

Build Strength, Endurance, and Physical Capacity

Our structured fitness sessions incorporate tailored weightlifting, cardiovascular exercises, agility, flexibility, and functional movements. Designed for all fitness levels and ages.

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Keeping you on your feet, free from pain

Our experienced podiatrists offer comprehensive assessments, treatments, and personalised orthotic solutions to address a wide range of foot concerns, from sports injuries to ingrown toenails.

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Improve health & wellbeing with peronalised nutrition guidance

Whether you’re seeking weight management, dietary modifications, or nutritional education, our expert dieticians are dedicated to improve your health and wellbeing.

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at move for life, We believe true wellbeing encompasses more than just one aspect of health. that’s why we have a team of experts to support you on your journey to optimal health + vitality

At Move For Life, we’re more than just a clinic

we’re your lifelong partners in health

We understand the unique requirements of every individual from childhood developmental needs, everyday injuries, to elite sports performance and active aging support.

Our dedicated team works collaboratively, sharing their knowledge and experience to craft treatment plans that not only make you feel better but actually get you better.

Our vision is to offer comprehensive physiotherapy and other health services that cater to your unique needs, at any stage of life, health or ability.

Welcome to a clinic where your well-being is our priority, and your journey to better health starts with us.

Ready to take the next step, together?

Join the move for life community

Our dedicated team of experts is here to support you every step of the way. Whether you’re seeking pain relief, enhanced performance, or holistic health solutions, we’ve got you covered.

Your journey to a better, more active life starts here.

Welcome to Move For Life

formerly know as SSPC Parkdale

We’re excited to unveil our new identity and continue our commitment to your health and wellbeing.

Members of the original dedicated SSPC team of physios and healthcare professionals are still here to provide expert care, and a holistic approach to support your journey to better health.

We're here to help you move for life!