women's health

optimal pelvic health, offering comfort, confidence, and a higher quality of life

our specialised physio service; helping women with pelvic pain + continence health

regain your pelvic health through personalised treatment, compassionate support, and expert advice.

Women’s Health Physiotherapy is a specialised field of physiotherapy that assists women with pelvic pain and continence health.

Pelvic health can be uncomfortable for some people to talk about but at Move for Life, we believe in supporting you through all elements of your health and are here to listen, support and advise you with any concerns.

Our therapists genuinely listen and care about your experience and will work with you to provide a strategy and treatment options to assist you back to normal function and life experience.

We provide an extended initial consultation of 60 minutes to allow for additional assessment and education in the first visit and follow up appointments of either 30 or 60 minutes as needed.

Common presentations we can help you with: