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Get back in the game faster with our sports physio experts

sports physiotherapy services

We tailor rehab plans, coordinate with coaches, and offer swift referrals to top surgeons for a seamless return to your favorite sporting activities.

We understand the impacts of missing a game or event and want to get you back to the sporting activities you love and not miss a moment.

By accurately assessing the cause of the injury and considering the timeframes you want to play in, we give you advice about return to play and support through customised and specific rehab.

Our team will liaise with your coaches and support staff to ensure that everyone is working together to get you back out running, back on the footy field, or taking to the court. We are also able to assist with quick referral to the best surgeons in the city to assist with any additional care and needs you may require.

Sports Physiotherapy is best suited to those looking to return to purposeful sporting activity and movement whether competitive or hobby. 

Common conditions we can help you with: