paediatric physio

helping children move better and achieve their developmental milestones

paediatric physiotherapy services

we can help improve movement concerns in kids, supporting their development and helping them lead an active and healthy life.

Paediatric physiotherapy is aimed at optimising movement as children grow. While most children develop along a predictable path, for many there may be variations or differences in how their bodies move with or without an underlying cause.

Our specially trained physiotherapists are able to precisely assess the underlying reasons behind their movement concerns and work collaboratively with the individual, family and community to support them reach their movement goals.

Empowering the caregivers to engage in fun and purposeful play therapy, the field of Paediatric Physiotherapy is highly specialised with the focus largely on restoring normal movement through play and return to activity while enabling parents to help and promote wellness through their treatment.

Treatment is specific to each child and our physiotherapist will seek to outline a management plan from the initial session and guide you along the journey.

Common presentations we may assist with include:

  • bottom shuffling
  • crawling refusal
  • delayed rolling
  • in-toe and toe walking
  • recurrent falls as well as coordination difficulties 
  • movement planning disorders

We understand the complexity in navigating what’s “normal” for parents so please reach out to us for any clarification or advice before booking.

When should I bring my child in?

“When should I bring my child in?” is a question we get asked quite frequently. While we welcome all referrals, some instances that we suggest you seek further advice for include:

  • Your child is not tolerating tummy time by 4 months
  • Your child is not able to move in and out of sitting by 9 months
  • Your child is not pulling to stand by 12 months
  • Your child is not walking by 18 months
  • Your baby is developing a flat spot on their head (Particularly before 6 months)
  • Your child has a preference to turn their head one way (Particularly before 6 months)
  • Your child preferentially walks on their toes
  • Your child is not meeting physical milestones as expected
  • Your child is experiencing suspected growth pains
  • Your child has suffered any musculoskeletal injury such as rolled ankles or twisted elbows from falls